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Let loose and live free with the original Corda style rope sandal.  With an adjustable back strap and a strong, cushy rubber sole, this sandal forms to your foot for a comfortable fit perfect for any adventure.  These unique treasures not only allow your inner gypsy soul to shine through, they are handmade by underprivileged people in Ethiopia, providing life changing opportunities with every pair. 

Sizes are listed in US standard sizes. We recommend rounding up for half sizes.

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Price in USD

Let loose and live free with the original Corda style rope sandal.  With an adjustable back strap and a strong, cushy rubber sole, this sandal forms to your foot for a comfortable fit perfect for any adventure.  These unique treasures not only allow your inner gypsy soul to shine through, they are handmade by underprivileged people in Ethiopia, providing life changing opportunities with every pair. 

Sizes are listed in US standard sizes. We recommend rounding up for half sizes.

Corda rope sandals are comfortable, durable, washable, vegan, ethical, and inspire all to create more good in the world. Join the Corda Community with a pair today!

29 reviews for The Corda

  1. Moriah (verified owner)

    The rope is so soft! The shoes are very comfortable and will only get better as i break them in. Also I normally wear a size 8.5 so I did as suggested and ordered a size 9 and they fit perfect!!

  2. Erika

    These sandals are the MOST comfortable shoes I have ever worn, period. I got these in a size 8 and they are perfect! Easy to take on and off but stays on your feet no matter what you’re doing. Very happy with them, and better yet, they were ethically made and created someone a job!

  3. Matteo

    Where can I see the men’s collection?

    • Lindsie (verified owner)

      Men’s and women’s are listed in every size, scroll down on the size options!

  4. Marriah Cooper (verified owner)

    Great sandal! I hiked in mine today and it was amazing. I am usually a size 7-7.5 and I ordered a size 8. Fits great!

  5. Rhiannon

    I’m literally so obsessed with these shoes. They’re so comfortable and so soft. They’re so different compared to all my other sandals, they’re just awesome!

  6. Amy (verified owner)

    When looking for new sandals, I was torn between these sandals and birkenstocks. After doing research on how ethical these brands were, I decided to go with these. (Also because they seemed unique and I have seen anyone else wear them). They came very quickly, which is always a good surprise. When I first took them out of the package, they seemed very plain. But the more I wore them, the more I fell in love with them. I have had these shoes for a week and have worn them every single day to school. They are comfortable, simple, light, and they have never given me a blister (which birks are known to do when you break them in.) I was very happy that the sandals look exactly like they are shown in the pictures and had a tag that showed who made the sandals. This gave the product more of a personal feel. Overall, I have never been this happy about a pair of shoes in my life and I highly recommend them.

  7. Fabian and Laura (verified owner)

    We bought this pair and one of the Daytripper and were happy to see them arrive with minimal package and non-plastic tags showing who made the sandals.

    Thank you Fantu! So far we love the shoes you made – they look great and feel very comfortable to walk in. The material is very nice and soft.

  8. Noemi

    I have 38/39 as european size, which size should I buy? I was thinking about 6, but I saw it isn’t avaible. Do you know when it’ll be?

    • Lindsie (verified owner)

      Usually we recommend a women’s 9 for the sizes you wear! You might be able to wear a women’s 8 — check the measurements on the FAQ page. We have this available in the Wanderer style still 🙂

      If you want another style or to get a heads up when we’re back in stock, send us an email at [email protected].

  9. Hannah (verified owner)

    I cannot stress enough how amazingly comfortable these shoes are. They are so light, and the rope does not irritate or rub on the top of the foot like I was afraid they would! Greatest shoe purchase I’ve ever made. SO happy!

  10. Jennifer Tanner (verified owner)

    Just love my Corda’s
    The’re aliitle small but still wearing them because the’re still comfy.
    Needing to up the size and I’ll be in heaven

  11. Francesca

    I have a 39 / 39.5 Italian size. Which size should I buy?

    • Lindsie (verified owner)

      I would recommend a women’s 9! If you want us to send you an email when we start taking pre-orders again, send an email to [email protected] 🙂

  12. Olivia

    I did not expect these to be as amazing as they are. It took a wear or two to break them in but now they are incredibly comfy and so lightweight. They slip on so easy yet stay on your feet no matter what. I get compliments on them constantly. And they seriously go with just about everything. I can’t wait to snag another pair in a different design

  13. justine

    Hi dear !
    Usually I wear 38 eur. My foot measurement is 25cm (24.4cm but 25cm because of the second toe … damn ! ). Can I order the size 8 or it’s more sure that I order the size 9. Maybe there is enought space with the size 8 for my little toe ^^ ?
    Have a nice day !

    • Lindsie (verified owner)

      DEFINITELY go up to the 9 🙂

  14. Rebeka (verified owner)

    I am in LOVE! So comfy, so simple, so awesome. Usually I wear 38 eur and I got the size 8, fit perfectly.
    Thank you!

  15. Sam

    Hello, was just wondering what size to buy. I wear a size 9 Australian/ a size 40 european. Thank you

    • Lindsie (verified owner)

      Then I would recommend a women’s 10!

  16. Emily

    Hey, i’m sitting here struggling which size i should buy and i would love to get one of these!
    My foot measurement is 24,5cm and i normally wear an european 39/40.
    Which size should i get to fit me?
    Thank you!

    • Lindsie (verified owner)

      Women’s 9!

  17. Tredasha

    How do I order a half size?

    • Lindsie (verified owner)

      Hi! We don’t actually do half sizes, but recommend rounding up 🙂 If you want any help choosing what size is best you can see our FAQ page chart or measure your feet in centimeters (heels against the wall and measuring out to your toes is the easiest) and you can email us your foot size at [email protected]

  18. Ryan

    Are the Corda shoes safe to be in water? I am planning a trip to the water park and these shoes seem perfect for that! But I want to make sure it is safe for them to get wet and potentially submerged?

    • Lindsie (verified owner)

      They are safe to get wet and submerged — it won’t damage them at all! But — they do need to be set out to dry quickly after you are through and walking around in wet sandals for a long time isn’t fun… so if I take them to the beach or a lake they are great! If you’re going to be in water in the morning and keep wearing them for several hours afterward (without a chance to dry them) they are less perfect! So it depends on your adventure 🙂

  19. Massimiliano

    I love my new The Corda sandals they are amazing, the best pair of shoes I have ever owned. So comfortable, unique, natural pair of sandals. Thank you so much Corda for making such beautiful sandals, if you are thinking about buying a pair. Please do not think too hard they are amazing and make sure you do buy some. You will not be disappointed at all, they only disappointment you will get is if you do or did not buy a pair. They are so comfortable, light weight, fit perfectly, I am a UK mens size 9, so I asked Corda which size to get and they recommended US mens size 10. I was a little worried they maybe too big for me. I received them and they are like they have been individually taylor made to fit my feet. I wear them everyday, I live in hot climate they are not sweaty, they are so lightweight, will be good for my backpacking, festivals, jungle experience, these The Corda shoes do not know yet what journey they are going to go and take me on. I have to say a massive thank you to Corda company, they are amazing, amazing communication, you feel so connected to them part of the Corda family. They make you feel so special and then when you receive your sandals you will feel more special. I am going to buy another pair very soon, I love them that much. Blessings, light and love to all and Corda

  20. carmen

    hi, i’m a woman who size a 37 in french size, which size should a take for corda?

    • Lindsie (verified owner)

      Women’s 7 in US 🙂

  21. Farah Izzati

    Hi. I just don’t know what size to buy. Not so sure. Mine is 38. Maybe US 8 or?

    • Lindsie (verified owner)

      Yes – a women’s 8 would be perfect!

  22. Cyndy Bevan (verified owner)

    So many people have asked me where I got these sandals, which I’ve worn pretty much non-stop for two summers now…nothing else feels as comfortable on my feet in the hot summer weather here in Southern France. I just chuck them in the washing machine and they come up as good as new! I’m definitely going to get another pair in green and maybe a spare pair in natural colour for when my existing ones are drying after washing. No need for any other footwear unless it’s raining!

    • Lindsie (verified owner)

      Cyndy, you’re the best!!! So glad you love your sandals 😀 😀 😀

  23. Fiorella

    I am 40-41 in European size, what in US?

    • Lindsie (verified owner)

      Depends if it is men’s or women’s! Here’s a link to the FAQ page with a size chart:

  24. Lisa (verified owner)

    2021 will be the third year wearing my cordas and they’re as stunning as always. I love them so much. These are my non stop summer shoes. They are very comfy and fit perfectly with every outfit.

    • Lindsie (verified owner)

      Thank you so much Lisa!!

  25. Alex

    Hi, My show size is 43 European and I am a guy, what size should I get?

    • Lindsie (verified owner)

      Men’s 10!!

  26. Autumn

    These are my absolute FAVORITE sandals! They are the only sandals I wear now because I have yet to find sandals that are comfier than my Cordas. I’ve worn the same pair daily for 2 years now and have yet to have a single problem with them. I always receive so many compliments about them and always get asked where I got them. No matter what I’m doing or where I’m going you can always catch me wearing my Cordas. Definitely want to get the Daytripper pair next!☺

  27. Cathy (verified owner)

    I was looking for something different, light, comfortable and ethical and the Corda ‘Wanderer’ in natural color rope seemed like a good choice after reading several positive reviews.

    The sandals were shipped inside a little mailer envelope – they really are that light. Inside was a small paper tag. No excessive and wasteful packaging!

    I usually wear a women’s US 7.5 or 38 European and my Cordas are a women’s size 8. There is a slight lip around the edge and my feet fit perfectly inside this. The cords are not rough or itchy and stretched just enough around my feet as I wore them. The heel strap adjusts if you move it up or down the other front cords they are attached to – I can tighten or loosen the fit that way. Maybe the Corda people could put a demo photo on to explain this more clearly. There’s a thin layer of black rubbery foamy material on the soles.

    I’ve not had any problem with them slipping off or tripping on stairs. Although I normally need an orthotic arch support I’ve been wearing them without and so far have not had any foot pain.

    People are very curious about these shoes and there’s been nice comments. A big thank you to the person who put so such care into making my sandals. I hope I’m sending more customers your way.

  28. Alessia

    Hi! My shoe size is 36/37 (European size) and my foot measurement is 22.5 cm.. Should I buy a women’s 6 or a women’s 7?

  29. Valentina

    Hello! I’m a female and I am usually a 42-43 in european size, and my foot length is 28cm. I just tried on my friend’s men’s corda size 9 which were small for me.

    I’m really not sure if I should go for the men’s 10 or 11. Could I send a picture to show how the men size 9 fitted around my foot please so you could provide a better recommendation maybe?

    Very much excited to get a pair of these beautiful sandals 🙂

    • Lindsie (verified owner)

      Probably a Men’s 10! This is one centimeter longer than the pair your friend has. If you want to discuss more you can also email us at [email protected] 😀

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